System Clinical Support and Innovation Unit

Delivering improvement in WA Health involves the whole system, community partners and other government and non-government agencies.

The Health System Improvement Unit was established in early 2009 to continue the innovation and health system improvement functions previously managed by the Health Reform Implementation Taskforce. There have been several name changes since, and the unit is now called System Clinical Support and Innovation (SCSI).

SCSI is involved in the continuous development and coordination of system-wide policy and statewide planning and works with other divisions and entities within WA Health and community partners to deliver service improvements and programs that will provide better patient access, flow and care.

The integration of policy, planning and system improvement into the core business of WA Health is regarded as a key success factor for the achievement of sustainable positive outcomes. SCSI provides support and advice directly to sites to assist in achieving an efficient and effectively functioning health care system.

The Unit also directly manages a number of clinical change initiatives and reform projects aimed at improving health service delivery locally and statewide.

SCSI is located in WA Health’s Clinical Excellence Division.

Improvement initiatives include:
Last reviewed: 25-10-2018
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System Clinical Support and Innovation Unit