Aboriginal Cultural eLearning

WA Health is committed to improving the health of Aboriginal people and providing staff with access to Aboriginal Cultural Learning is a priority in achieving this outcome.

The WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2030 (PDF 10MB) identifies ‘a culturally respectful and non-discriminatory health system’ as a WA Health strategic direction.

This can be achieved by providing Aboriginal cultural education and training opportunities which builds the health system’s capacity, capability and responsiveness to meet the health needs of Aboriginal people living in Western Australia and reduce systemic racism.

Attaining cultural competency is an ongoing process that requires continuous reflection and review for the health professional, health services and health system.

All WA Health staff are required to complete an Aboriginal Cultural eLearning program to enable staff to develop their cultural competency and to improve cultural safety for Aboriginal patients.

The training covers key concepts such as:

  • The cultural determinants of health.
  • Aboriginal people experience and access of health services.
  • Historical and contemporary factors that impact Aboriginal people’s current health and wellbeing, including implicit bias and systemic racism.
  • Personal and organisational practices that can be reshaped to better meet the needs of Aboriginal people and communities. 

The journey of health and wellbeing

The Journey of Health and Wellbeing animated video (external site) (part of the WA Health Aboriginal Cultural eLearning program) helps to promote understanding of Aboriginal people’s experience from colonisation to the present day.

The 10-minute animation shows how events of the past play out in the present and offers a framework of hope and equity.

Last reviewed: 28-08-2023
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