Climate Health WA Inquiry

In March 2019, the State Government announced a Chief Health Officer Inquiry (external site) to investigate the implications of climate change, including more frequent and intense weather events, on health.

The aim of the Inquiry was to review the current planning and response capacity of the health system in relation to the health impacts of climate change, and make recommendations for improvement with respect to climate change mitigation and public health adaptation strategies.

The statutory Inquiry was a key recommendation of the Climate and Sustainability Forum held in July 2018 and also one of the key priorities within the Sustainable Health Review Final Report.

The State’s former Chief Health Officer, Professor Tarun Weeramanthri, was appointed by the current Chief Health Officer, Dr Andrew Robertson, to conduct the Inquiry. 

Climate Health WA Inquiry Final Report

The Final Report sets a blueprint for the next 10 years of the WA health system’s response to adapt to climate change to protect the health of the community and how health services can do more to reduce emissions and waste. View the final report

View the Climate Health WA Inquiry Terms of Reference (PDF 30 KB)

View Tarun Weeramanthri's biography (PDF 49KB)

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Last reviewed: 19-08-2020