Targeted workshops

The Climate Health WA Inquiry held targeted workshops to explore the impacts on health that vulnerable groups are facing because of climate change.

View the Climate Health WA Inquiry targeted workshops summary report (PDF 56KB)

While climate change affects everyone, it is widely understood that the most vulnerable in the community will suffer the most from its impacts. In order to better understand how climate change is affecting vulnerable people and communities in WA, the Inquiry held targeted workshops with:

  • Aboriginal people
  • consumers of the WA health system’s health services
  • low income earners and people experiencing homelessness
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

At each workshop, attendees discussed what changes in climate and environment they and their community are experiencing, and the impacts that these changes are having. They also provided examples of what is already happening in their community in response to climate change and offered suggestions for what the health system could do to address this issue.

Last reviewed: 31-01-2020