Welcome to country and acknowledgement of traditional ownership

WA Health acknowledges the Aboriginal people of the many traditional lands and language groups of Western Australia.

It acknowledges the wisdom of Aboriginal Elders both past and present and pays respect to Aboriginal communities of today.

Using the term – Aboriginal

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander may be referred to in the national context and ‘Indigenous’ may be referred to in the international context.

Within Western Australia, the term Aboriginal is used in preference to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, in recognition that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of Western Australia.

No disrespect is intended to our Torres Strait Islander colleagues and community.

Welcome to Country Department Protocols

For the guidelines and policy for 'Welcome to Country' and acknowledgement of traditional ownership at Department of Health meetings, conferences and official events refer to Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Traditional Ownership – Guidelines and Protocols for WA Health 2016 (PDF 903KB).

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