Health and Wellbeing Surveillance System

The Health and Wellbeing Surveillance System (HWSS) is a state-wide population-based survey, which aims to monitor the health and wellbeing of Western Australians.

The HWSS was established by the Department of Health in 2002. Each month, approximately 700 Western Australians are randomly selected to complete the survey online or over the telephone to collect de-identified information about their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Your participation in this survey is important because it helps to identify the health needs of Western Australians across the state.

If you choose to participate, your confidential responses will help provide meaningful data about a range of public health topics.

The data collected helps to:

  • raise awareness about emerging health issues
  • encourage new research initiatives
  • aid in decision-making for resource allocation
  • monitor the health status of all Western Australians
  • identify important relationships between lifestyle choices and health outcomes
  • identity groups at risk for developing health problems
  • plan and develop health services to ensure the provision of effective, safe and high quality care
  • inform health education programs
  • evaluate current healthcare activity
  • inform health policy development.

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Last reviewed: 13-10-2023
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