Aboriginal workforce

WA Health is committed to build a sustainable, skilled Aboriginal health workforce from entry level to leadership roles. This will be achieved through the planning and implementation of long-term Aboriginal workforce initiatives which aim to improve health outcomes for all Aboriginal people living in WA.

There are a number of mechanisms that WA Health will use to increase the Aboriginal workforce and job pathways across the WA health sector:

  • Establish a clear Aboriginal workforce target in which to aspire to.
  • Set clear strategic directions for WA Health, through the implementation of the WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2014-2024.
  • Act on the WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Policy, which outlines the mandated initiatives until the Aboriginal workforce target is achieved.
  • Provide opportunities, such as cadetships, for Aboriginal people to enter the WA Health workforce.

Aboriginal Cadetship Program – applications open

The Aboriginal Cadetship Program offers Aboriginal university students the opportunity to gain paid work experience while completing an undergraduate degree.

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Last reviewed: 29-09-2020
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