Final Report

The Sustainable Health Review Final Report was published in April 2019, outlining 8 Enduring Strategies and 30 Recommendations to progress the sustainability agenda and identify changes required, with priorities that must be considered in implementation.

The Government of Western Australia announced the Sustainable Health Review in June 2017.

The aim was to prioritise the delivery of patient-centred, high quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State.

The review was conducted over a 2-year period by an experienced panel of experts, chaired by independent expert Ms Robyn Kruk AO, who has more than 30 years’ experience in public sector service reform at the State and Commonwealth level.

Sustainable Health Review Interim Report

The Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Interim Report was published in February 2018.

The purpose of the Interim Report was to reflect what the Panel has heard from its extensive consultation with stakeholders and to outline initial observations, preliminary directions, recommendations for immediate action and areas for further work.

These directions and opportunities were explored, tested and discussed as the Panel moved into the next phase of the Sustainable Health Review.

Following the release of the Interim Report in February 2018, the Panel received a wealth of feedback from individuals, staff and organisations.

Further targeted consultation and engagement was conducted leading up to the Final Report, focusing on primary health, digital innovation, workforce and training, social services, mental health, climate and environmental health. For further information on these events please see Engagement and Consultation page.
Last reviewed: 20-06-2022