Oversight and governance

A robust governance framework will guide the implementation of the Sustainable Health Review. The framework engages the whole WA health system, including external partners and consumers.

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Independent Oversight Committee

The Sustainable Health Review Independent Oversight Committee (IOC) will oversee and guide the health system as it works to implement the Sustainable Health Review (SHR).

The Committee will play a pivotal role working with WA Health to ensure the intent of the SHR is brought to life as the system embeds the change required.

Sustainable Health Independent Oversight Committee

Timothy Marney (newly appointed as Chair) – will ensure independent advice and reassurance on the Program to the Minister for Health and public. Mr Marney is a former Western Australian Under Treasurer and Western Australian Mental Health Commissioner with wide-ranging experience in economics, finance and human services.

Dr Richard Choong – Clinical representative – will provide clinical advice, along with primary care expertise. Dr Choong has held positions of General Practitioner, WA Primary Health Alliance Board Chair, Chair of Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited and past president of the Australian Medical Association (WA).

Margaret Doherty - Consumer advocate – will provide consumer advice, along with mental health expertise. Ms Doherty is the founder and conveyor of Mental Health Matters 2, current member of the WA Mental Health Advisory Council and mental health advocate and consumer representative on a number of other committees.

Janine Freeman – Employee advocate – will provide workforce advice, along with WA union expertise. Ms Freeman has held positions of Assistant State Secretary of Unions WA, a Senior Industrial Officer with United Voice (formerly, the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Worker’s Union), and a former member of both the WA WorkCover Board, and Deputy Chair of the industry superannuation fund, HESTA.

Lesley Nelson – Regional and non-Government representative – will provide regional advice, and Aboriginal health expertise. Ms Nelson has held executive positions in the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation in both WA and NSW and current Chief Executive Officer of South West Aboriginal Medical Service.

Elizabeth Prime – Clinical representative – will provide clinical advice, along with nursing expertise. Ms Prime is a former Director of Nursing at the Joondalup Health Campus, Adjunct Associate Professor at Curtin University in the school of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine and member of the Australian College of Nursing.

Professor Fiona Wood – WA health system clinical representative – will provide clinical advice, along with tertiary care expertise. Professor Wood is one of Australia's most innovative and respected surgeons and researchers, who has pioneered research and technology development in burns medicine. Her many positions include Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia.

Under Treasurer of WA (currently Michael Barnes) – WA public sector representative – will provide whole-of-government advice, along with economic and financial expertise. Mr Barnes has statutory responsibilities for the management and reporting of the State’s finances, including formulation of the annual State Budget.

Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet (currently Emily Roper) – WA public sector representative – will provide whole-of-government advice, along with change management leadership, capability development and engagement expertise. Ms Roper has held executive positions across the Commonwealth and WA public sector.


Program Steering Committee

The Program Steering Committee oversees the progress of the Program and the impact of the Program across the WA health system. The Steering Committee provides strategic direction to ensure the Program is delivered in accordance with the agreed scope.

The Steering Committee reports to the Minister for Health and to the Independent Oversight Committee, as well as to Premier and Cabinet as required. Membership comprises the Director General of the Department of Health as Program Owner, the Mental Health Commissioner, the Chief Executives of the Health Service Providers, and the Assistant Director Generals of the Department of Health.

Partnership Group

The SHR Partnership Group is an advisory body to the Program Steering Committee, Program Board, Executive Sponsors, Recommendation Leads and Independent Oversight Committee. Together the Partnership Group progresses opportunities, resolves issues, tests approaches, and provides advice on Recommendations and the Program.

The Partnership Group engages in strategic dialogue and debate and provides advice on complex decisions, working together to unblock persistent or system-level constraints. In addition, the Partnership Group, through seeking connections and taking a cross-system portfolio view, will understand dependencies and support agencies to work across boundaries.

Ultimately the Partnership Group will be engaged in driving transformational change. By actively considering local innovation, emergent trends and global best practice, the Partnership Group will assist in bringing long-lasting implementation of the SHR across the system.

The SHR Partnership Group is co-chaired by the CEO of WA Council of Social Services (WACOSS), and the Assistant Director General, Strategy and Governance of the Department of Health. Membership comprises 25 key Program partners, including consumers, NGOs, health service providers, other government agencies and health system leaders.

Program Board

The Program Board monitors and makes recommendations to the Program Steering Committee on Program decisions regarding approach, scope, timeframes, cost and quality. The Program Board monitors progress against the Program Plan and resolves issues causing delays. In addition, the Program Board supports and advocates for the Program with internal and external stakeholders, as well as monitors and discusses quality assurance of Program outputs.

The Program Board is chaired by the Assistant Director General, Strategy and Governance, Department of Health as the Program Sponsor and comprises the Recommendation’s Leads.

Last reviewed: 10-09-2021