Clinical Senate debates and publications

  • October: Value-Based Health Care
  • June: Contemporary Workforce Roles
  • March: COVID: Vaccines and Variation in Care

See the 2021 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • August: The Health and Wellbeing of our Workforce: Becoming a Fearless Organisation
  • November: Transforming care in the last 1000 days – Partnering to realise choice

See the 2020 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • April: The transition of adolescents and young adults with complex conditions from paediatric to adult health services
  • June: Corporate professionalism – can we do better?

See the 2019 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • November: Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing is Everybody’s Business: Our collective roles for improvement
  • March: Waste Not: Want Not

See the 2018 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • November: Destination: Sustainability
  • July: A holistic view of safety and quality
  • March: Responding to interpersonal violence – Are you safe?

See the 2017 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • November: Homelessness – No fixed address – Can we still deliver care?
  • September: Clinician Engagement in the Brave New World – Health Service Boards.   
  • June: Transforming teaching, training, and research
  • March: Superbugs

See the 2016 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.

  • December: The Patient will see you now – Thinking beyond accreditation to focus on the patient experience
  • September: Outpatient Care – A look to the future
  • June: Dial E for Engagement – Are clinicians on hold?
  • March: Great Expectations – Planning for expected deaths in acute health settings (PDF 327KB)

See the 2015 Clinical Senate debate presentations and reports.


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  • November: Drug Misuse: Are we up to speed?
  • July: Empowering the XX Factor- Improving access to women's health services for disadvantaged women
  • March: Value in Healthcare - the clinician's role


  • November: Living Large - a system response to obesity
  • August: Let's get physical - Addressing the physical health needs of West Australians with mental illness
  • May: The WA GP Shortage - The impact on our community and health sector


  • October – Emerging Communities – Responsive Health Services for Western Australia’s Changing demography
  • June – Research – This is the moment
  • March– Let’s Talk about Sex


  • November – Oral Health Care for all Western Australians
  • June – Clinicians – Do You See Me?
  • March – eHealth – A New Relationship


  • December – Alcohol: Think Again
  • August – Health Workforce – Engaging in the National Agenda
  • May – Patient Safety – Ending Unintended Harm
  • March – Pre-Hospital Assessment – Avoiding the Revolving Door


  • November – Start your engines – Improving Men’s Health
  • August - A Healthier Future for all Western Australians A Clinical Senate response to the NHHRC Final Report
  • June – Health and the ‘Facebook’ Generation
  • March – Ageism: If It’s My Granny I’d Want….


  • November – Patients, Clinicians, the Law and Decisions for End of Life Care
  • August – Public Health – Every Clinician a Population Health Practitioner
  • March – A Watershed Approach – Closing the Gap in Life Expectancy for Indigenous Western Australians


  • November – Integrated Primary Health Care Centres for Western Australia
  • August – Educating the Present and Future Health Workforce
  • May – Stemming the Tide of Emergency Department Activity
  • March – Wicked Problems – Where Next? The State of Play in WA


  • November – Looking in the Mirror The WA Health Aboriginal Cultural Respect Implementation Framework
  • September – Workforce Redesign – Think Outside the Square We Live In
  • June – The Clinical Senate Road Tests the WA Health Consumer and Community Engagement Framework: For Health Services, Hospitals and WA Health
  • March – Making Country Health a Metro Priority


  • November – The Principles of Ambulatory Care
  • August – Clinical Networks: Shaping the Model for WA
  • May 2005 – Clinical Services Framework
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