Public and Aboriginal Health

Our primary focus is prevention and early detection, rather than on clinical services. We look at the whole population, rather than the individual, and seek to manage risks. In this way, public health complements and works with clinical services

Dr Andrew Robertson is the Chief Health Officer for Western Australia.

The functions of the Chief Health Officer (CHO) are to:

  • initiate, support and manage public health planning for the State
  • develop and implement policies and programmes to achieve the objects of the Public Health Act 2016 (the Act)
  • provide advice or recommendations to the Minister or to any other person or body or to the community generally on matters relevant to public health
  • provide advice or recommendations to the Minister on possible changes to the Act or the regulations that the CHO considers appropriate or necessary
  • perform the functions that are given to the CHO by or under the Act
  • administer this Act in accordance with its objects and principles.

At WA Health, the public and Aboriginal health division feature eight key areas:

Last reviewed: 04-03-2020