Health Service Provider Boards

The Health Services Act 2016 commenced on 1 July 2016, establishing the State’s health service providers as separate, statutory authorities. Boards of health service providers are legally responsible and accountable for the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient and economical health services for their health service area.

Health service provider boards help the WA public health system be more responsive to the changing needs of local communities, including the need to provide care closer to home.

More information on each Board, including its Chairs and Members, can be found in the Related links. 

Board composition

Each health service provider (HSP) board consists of up to 10 highly experienced members with skills and knowledge across a variety of fields. At least 3 members are health professionals, with at least 2 of these currently practising.

Other members have relevant expertise and experience in:

  • health management, business management, financial management or human resources management
  • legal expertise
  • the provision of clinical or other health services
  • primary health care
  • the education and training of health professionals
  • the community serviced by the health service provider
  • experience as a consumer of health services or a carer.
Board functions

Boards are responsible for:

  • setting the strategic direction for the HSP, ensuring that there is consistency with the broader WA health system and public sector objectives
  • undertaking decision-making and business in accordance with public sector and WA health system, legislation, regulations, policy frameworks, policies and standards
  • establishing and maintaining policies and procedures
  • overseeing the activity of the HSP, including systems of financial control, internal control and performance reporting
  • ensuring that the HSP’s functions are effectively performed at an operational level and, where appropriate, delegating or authorising functions to be performed by board committees, chief executives, staff members and agents.
Appointments to a Board

Members are appointed by the Minister for Health following completion of pre-appointment screening.

Women, Aboriginal people, people of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds, people with disability and people with mental health experience are particularly encouraged to apply for a HSP board member role.

Further information

If you are interested in being considered for appointment to a HSP board, please contact the Board Assurance team at the Department of Health for further information by emailing

Last reviewed: 31-03-2023