Health Service Provider Boards

The Health Services Act 2016 commenced on 1 July 2016, establishing the State’s health service providers as separate, statutory authorities. Boards of health service providers are legally responsible and accountable for the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient and economical health services for their health service area.

Health service provider boards help the WA public health system be more responsive to the changing needs of local communities, including the need to provide care closer to home.

Board chairs and members are appointed by the Minister for Health and bring a wealth of skills, experience and passion to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality and sustainable health care to our communities.

Each Board consists of up to 10 professionals with experience across the fields of medicine and health care, finance, law, and community and consumer engagement. More information on each Board, including its Chairs and Members, can be found in the pages listed below:

Last reviewed: 03-01-2023