Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (external site) everyone has the right to apply for access to information held by the WA health system, subject to some limitations or exemptions.

Accessing your WA public hospital medical records

Each WA public hospital and health service manage their own information and records. 

For those who attended as a patient and need to access your medical records contact the Freedom of Information office listed on WA Health freedom of information contacts.

Information held by the Department of Health

The department manages their own information and records and information may readily be available for the public to view.

The department develops and manages policy areas of health service delivery, to ensure the WA health system provides consistent, efficient and effective services.

Types of information held by the department include:

  • reports on health programs and projects
  • Minister for Health and executive staff briefings
  • health circulars, policies, standards and guidelines
  • health articles and discussion papers
  • departmental magazines, bulletins and pamphlets
  • health research and evaluation reports
  • epidemiological, survey and statistical data/information
  • publications relating to health planning and management
  • committee meeting minutes
  • general administrative correspondence
  • financial and budget reports
  • staff personnel records.

Some of the above information may be available on the DoH website; or available by means other than a request by submitting a Freedom of Information (FOI) application.  It is recommended you contact DoH prior to submitting an FOI application to access records.

Lodgement of applications for the Department of Health

All Freedom of Information applications must be:

  • in writing either by post or email
  • provide enough information to identify the requested subject
  • a postal / residential address in Australia
  • lodgement at the department with payment of $30.00 statutory FOI application fee (if not for personal information only)
  • appropriate authorisation and other relevant documentation (where applicable)
  • your current proof of identification (where applicable).

FOI application form (PDF 239KB) | (Word 38KB) for the Department of Health may be lodged by:

Phone: 9222 6411
Post: Freedom of Information
Department or Health
GPO 8172 Perth Business Centre WA 6849 

More information

For a comprehensive review of Freedom of Information in WA, visit the Office of the Information Commissioner Western Australia (external site)

For Freedom of Information contacts for WA Health public hospitals and health services visit WA Health freedom of information contacts (external site).

Last reviewed: 09-02-2024