Mental Health

The Mental Health Unit

The Mental Health Unit (MHU) assists and supports Western Australia's Mental Health Services in delivering an evidence-based, patient centred, caring, safe, respectful and supportive mental health system for all West Australians.

The Mental Health Unit is responsible for developing system-wide policies for mental health services included in the Mental Health Policy Framework and has a role in the coordination, review and reform of public mental health services.

Our Aims 

The aim of the Mental Health Unit is for a mental health system that includes:

  • Robust information systems
  • Continuous process of safety and quality improvement 
  • Integration of mental health systems state-wide
  • Accountability 
  • Accessibility 
  • Inclusivity 


  • Develop and foster a system-wide approach to mental health service delivery in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Develop system-wide policies for the delivery of mental health services, including those related to best practice.
  • Oversee compliance with policies by service providers and report on those services that do not comply.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders to promote compliance with mental health regulations, standards and guidelines to maintain and improve safety and quality.
  • Cultivate resources and build knowledge that improves evidence-based care, strengthening practice, and fostering innovations.
  • Promote the development and maintenance of robust patient information systems
  • Provide advice to the Minister for Health and Minister for Mental Health, Director General Department of Health, Commonwealth and other state agencies as required. 

Key Stakeholders

To achieve our aims the Mental Health Unit works closely with the following stakeholders:

The Mental Health Commission

Office of the Chief Psychiatrist 

North Metropolitan Health Service

South Metropolitan Health Service

East Metropolitan Health Service

Child and Adolescent Health Service 

Western Australian Country Health Service