Office of Population Health Genomics

The Office of Population Health Genomics (OPHG) was established in 2001 to help optimise the health benefits of genomic knowledge for the population of Western Australia.

To achieve this, we develop public policy that draws on stakeholder engagement and collaboration, and research outcomes. This helps governments decide what actions should be taken to address genomics issues and deliver population-based screening programs, at the state and national levels.

The OPHG uses population health approaches to implement strategies that prevent disease and disability where possible and promote health and wellbeing. These outcomes stem from: earlier diagnoses and interventions; more effective treatments; and provision of accessible and high-quality services; resulting in better outcomes for the population and the public health system.

Our Strategic Directions

The following strategic directions are outlined in the OPHG Strategic Plan (PDF 2MB):

  • Health Genomics: Provide leadership, coordination and direction setting for health genomics across the WA health system, including the development and implementation of a shared vision among stakeholders.
  • Rare Diseases: Partner to create change in the WA health system that improves the health and wellbeing of people living with rare diseases. Recognise the impact of genomic and precision technologies on the diagnosis, care and treatment of people living with rare diseases.
  • Precision Health: Facilitate capacity- and capability-building for the delivery of precision health initiatives in the WA health system. Contribute expertise to precision health initiatives that involve a component of genomics, rare diseases and/or population screening.
  • Population-based Screening: Provide strategic policy advice on population-based screening programs and consider the impact on these initiatives of genomic and precision technologies. Play a key role in the implementation of policy recommendations in the Newborn Bloodspot Screening National Policy Framework.

The WA Genomics Strategy 2022-2032

The WA Genomics Strategy 2022-2032: Towards Precision Medicine and Precision Public Health (PDF 5.6MB) outlines a systematic, state-wide approach to implementing genomics into Western Australian health care. Its creation was guided by the input from numerous stakeholders, including WA consumers, healthcare workers, researchers and subject matter experts.

The Vision of the Strategy is to ensure all Western Australians benefit from the timely and appropriate translation of genomics, enabling precision medicine and precision public health. It aims to achieve this by coordinating and maximising stakeholder efforts to enable efficient, effective, ethical and equitable translation of genomics knowledge into the WA health system. 

Other key frameworks and policies

The following key frameworks and policies guide the work of the OPHG:

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