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WA CCSM Strategic Framework 2011–2015

WA context for CCSM

The WA Chronic Conditions Self-Management Strategic Framework 2011–2015 (PDF 1MB) was developed to support embedding of self-management support principles and practice at the system, practice and individual levels across Western Australia.

The WA Chronic Health Conditions Framework 2011–2016 (PDF 1.43MB) is an overarching guide to providing 'the right care at the right time by the right team in the right place for Western Australians with chronic health conditions.

WA Health Models of Care (external site) describe ‘best practice care and services within a health care system for a person or population group as they progress through the stages of a condition, injury or event.’ Self-management support is a core underlying strategy for the models of care.

The WA Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2012–2016 outlines strategies that target: the well population and populations at risk of developing a chronic condition.

The WA Primary Health Care Strategy (December 2011)(external PDF) provides a policy direction for better integrated and coordinated community-based care. This requires a seamless interface among care providers and health services that can be achieved through shared understanding and clear pathways for:

  • referral
  • self-management support
  • planning and management of health care
  • end of life planning and palliation.

The WA Strategic Plan for Safety and Quality in Health Care 2013–2017 recognises consumer and carer centred health care as one of 4 principles to deliver the highest possible levels of safety and quality in healthcare in WA. Consumers and carers have significant potential to influence service delivery if they are supported to be involved in:

  • quality improvement
  • health service planning
  • monitoring
  • delivery
  • review.

Consumers and carers also need support to be active partners in their own health care. This will lead to improvements in quality of life and health outcomes.


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