CCSM support – training options

Training is only one of many strategies to build the capacity of the health workforce to deliver quality chronic care and support those living with chronic conditions.  Evidence has shown that a multi-component and multi-level approach is required to embed person-centred, collaborative care across the organisational, practice and individual levels of the health system.

The training options outlined here are more effective if combined with other self-assessment, quality improvement and collaborative professional development activities including: 

A suite of brief online training modules was developed by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) to strengthen the capacity of clinicians to support CCSM in practice.   

The modules are suitable for a busy workforce and provide a broad overview of the knowledge, skills and attributes required for collaborative, patient-centred care and optimal self-management support. Whilst the modules include information relevant to the mental health professional, the material is readily applicable to the wider health workforce.

Module 1: Optimising wellness for patients (external site)

Module 2: Supporting self-management (external site)

Module 3: Self-management care planning (external site)

Module 4: Patient and carer education for self-management (external site)

Module 5: Implementing self-management support in your practice (external site)

Module 6: Self-care for clinicians (external site)

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