WA Health Promotion Strategic Framework

The HPSF provides broad strategic guidance to the WA health system and its partners to help prevent chronic disease and injury.

The goal of the HPSF is to empower and enable Western Australians to lead healthier lives by supporting equitable and sustainable improvements in health behaviours and environments.

The HPSF focuses on:

  • Reducing tobacco use and making smoking history
  • Healthy eating and active living to halt the rise in obesity
  • Reducing harmful alcohol use
  • Preventing injury and promoting safer communities.

The health system has a lead role in preventing chronic disease and injury, but many other stakeholders and partners play an essential part in positively influencing the broader causes of health and wellbeing. Stakeholders with an interest in protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of Western Australians are welcome to use the HPSF to help guide their work.


Produced by

Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate