Disaster management training and development

DPMD offers a range of training and development courses that enhance health professional’s skills and knowledge on how to better plan and respond to the health consequences of a disaster. DPMD offer multiple annual face to face training sessions in the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia.

To apply for any of the courses listed below, please click on the desired course link and complete the application form.

Please be advised new charges for all MIMMS courses provided by DPMD will apply from 1 September 2023. New charges are shown on the updated application forms. The new charges apply to registrations after 1 September.

For further information or enquiries regarding training and development, please contact DPMDTraining@health.wa.gov.au.

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Disaster Preparedness and Management Directorate (DPMD)
Training and Development team
Email: DPMDTraining@health.wa.gov.au
Phone: 9222 4090


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