Emergo Train System

What is the Emergo Train System?

Developed in Sweden in the 1990s, the Emergo Train System is a disaster simulation exercise and training system. The system uses a series of whiteboards and magnetic symbols to represent resources available, and a patient bank with descriptions of injuries.

It is an ideal system for testing pre-hospital and hospital responses to major incidents. WA Health has adopted the Emergo Train System to assist with the development and evaluation of health disaster response plans.

The WA Emergo Train System Framework (Word 451KB) details how the use of the System will be managed by WA Health. This is the key document for Emergo Train System instructors and details the instructor reporting requirements.

To deliver Emergo Train System exercises, staff must be trained as Emergo Train System:

  • instructors
  • assistant instructors

Course requirements

  • Ideally applicants will have been exposed to an Emergo Train exercise previously.
  • Clinical and/or disaster management experience is beneficial.
  • Applicants should have a current role in disaster preparedness.
  • Applicants and their parent organisations commit to conducting 2 x ETS exercises per year:
    • at least 1 of which is in support of their WACHS Region or Area Health Service and 
    • up to 1 may be in support of DPMU or another WACHS Region.


Please refer to the training calendar (PDF 40KB) for upcoming course details.

Please note: unlike other Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit courses, this course has a specified post course commitment for:

  • instructors
  • their parent organisations.

The WA Emergo Train System Loan Kit Policy (Word 289KB) details the terms by which the kits may be loaned within WA Health.

If you are likely to be participating in an Emergo Train exercise, this Emergo Train participant brief (PDF 1.2KB) will give you a good background to get the most out of the exercise.

Request a WA Emergo Train System kit (Word 158KB)

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