Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS)

The practical approach at the scene

Major incident medical management and support (MIMMS) courses teach a systematic and practical approach to field medical management at disasters. This approach can be applied to any major incident.

The emphasis is on scene management and pre-hospital care learned through

  • structured lectures
  • table-top exercises
  • practical exercises in radio communication
  • casualty triage exercises
  • workshops
  • field exercises.

Major incident medical management and support (MIMMS) Australia has been developed from the United Kingdom MIMMS courses and adapted to suit the needs of the Australian disaster management system.

With WA Department of Health sponsorship, MIMMS was introduced to WA in 1999. To date, over 100 courses have been successfully held in metropolitan, rural and industrial areas.

The courses are open to all:

  • registered medical practitioners
  • registered nurses
  • paramedics
  • ambulance officers
  • emergency managers
  • emergency first responders.

There are 2 courses available.

MIMMS advanced

MIMMS Advanced (formerly known as Commander) runs over 3 consecutive days. It is an accredited course with ALSG (UK) and is widely accepted internationally. The content includes command, safety, communication, assessment, triage, treatment and transport.

The course is competency based and participants are tested in the practical application of skills taught. This course is particularly relevant for those in senior positions likely to take a coordination or command role, or those involved with staff development/training.

Manuals and other materials are supplied as part of the course and instructors are experienced emergency managers, paramedics and medicine and nursing specialists.

As the MIMMS Advanced course is a fully inclusive, comprehensive course, there are no requirements to have completed the MIMMS team member course first.

If you are successful, MIMMS certification is valid for four years.

MIMMS team member

Following the success of the MIMMS Advanced courses, and in response to requests from Health Services, a MIMMS Team Member course was introduced in 2001.

The 1 day course uses those elements of the MIMMS Advanced course that are relevant for members of a medical/ambulance response team who will have a more ‘hands-on’ role in the field rather than a command or coordination role.

The course is recognised by MIMMS Australia, and is held midweek in both Perth and certain regional areas.

Emergency personnel involved in emergency and disaster management (e.g. Police, DFES and SES) will find the course beneficial to understanding health and ambulance service roles and operating procedures at a major incident site.

If you are successful, MIMMS certification is valid for four years.

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