Chemical, biological and radiological training

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The Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit (DPMU) invite you to attend a 2 day chemical, biological and radiological course.

The course is aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to a major chemical, biological or radiological incident.

Speakers cover subjects such as:

  • introduction to CBR hazards, for example:
    • cyanide
    • plague
    • anthrax
    • botulism
    • ricin.
  • chemical casualty management procedures
  • hospital preparedness for a CBR incident
  • existing framework for response to such an event.

The course is targeted towards those with a specific role in responding to a potential CBR incident, for example:

  • medical and nursing staff
  • emergency responders
  • health managers.

Those with an interest in the subject are also welcome to apply.

The DPMU has also prepared training packages for the use of CBR Suits (PPT 14MB) and CBR radios (PPT 3.2MB). This may be useful reading for those working in a hospital who have CBR protective suits, or for any participants due to undertake the CBR course.

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