Tobacco sellers licensing

In Western Australia retailers, wholesalers, and indirect tobacco product sellers are required to hold an appropriate licence.

Tobacco products cannot be legally sold until a licence has been issued.

How do I obtain a licence to sell tobacco?

Businesses that sell tobacco products by retail sale, wholesale or indirect sale are required to complete an application form and return it to the Department of Health with the relevant fees and supporting evidence.

Tobacco Licence Application forms

Submit to:

Tobacco licensing
Department of Health
PO Box 1335
West Leederville WA   6901.

What types of licences are available and how much do they cost?

A licence can be issued for 3 types of sale and 1 licence is required for each type of sale conducted on the premises.

The licence fees that apply for each type of sale from 16 July 2022:

  • Retail: $310.00
  • Indirect:  $310.00
  • wholesale sale: $745.00
What information is required when applying for a tobacco sellers licence?

The information required within an application will differ depending on the type of applicant.

Body corporate

The applicant must supply:

  • a current Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) (external site) extract of company officers 
  • if the trading name is different to the company name, a copy of Business Names Extract (also available from ASIC). 

The application must only be signed by a director or a person authorised by the body corporate.

You may not have to provide a business names extract if you:

  • are trading using your own company name, in which case you will not have a business name 
  • are a franchisee, in which case you do not own the trading name, and you will not have a business name 
  • are operating from a mine site you will not have a business name for the location you require a tobacco licence. 


The applicant must supply:

  • proof of identity of the person making the application, for example a motor driver’s licence or passport 
  • signature of the individual making the application 
  • a copy of Business Names Extract. 


For an individual who conducts business in a partnership, written confirmation (provided by 1 of the partners) that the applicant is authorised by the partnership to make the application.

Incorporated association

The applicant must supply:

  • a copy of office holders on the association’s letterhead 
  • certificate of incorporation. 

An office bearer, such as a president, secretary, or treasurer must authorise the application.

Trustee applicant requirements

If the business name is recorded as a trust then the applicant must be the trustee on behalf of the trust.

The trustee must sign the application.

Licence applications can only be processed once all the correct documentation is submitted.

Application and renewal forms can be downloaded below.

Do I need to display my tobacco licence?

Yes. A current licence to sell tobacco products must be displayed so it can be clearly seen by the public at the place of sale of the tobacco products.

Can I obtain a licence to sell tobacco products at sporting cultural or other events?

No. From 18 March 2019 the Department of Health will no longer be authorised to issue licences for the sale or supply of tobacco products at sporting, cultural and other events such as music festivals or market stalls.

Last reviewed: 15-07-2022
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