Smoking restrictions in outdoor public places

There are a number of outdoor areas where it is prohibited to smoke.

Patrolled beaches

Smoking is prohibited on all patrolled beaches in Western Australia

Smoking restrictions prohibit (ban) smoking between the flags or other markers on patrolled swimming beaches.

A patrolled swimming beach usually has:

  • lifesavers and lifeguards on duty
  • 2 red and yellow flags placed in the sand on the beachfront (the flags show it is safe to swim between the flags).

The ban only applies while the flags are in place.

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Smoking is prohibited near playground equipment in Western Australia

Smoking restrictions prohibit (ban) smoking within 10m of any children’s playground equipment in Western Australia that is:

  • in a public place or a part of a public place
  • not in an enclosed public place.

This law applies to:

  • local government parks and gardens
  • State owned facilities such as Kings Park
  • children’s playground equipment in hotels, fast food outlets, eateries and sporting venues.

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Smoking in vehicles with children

Smoking is prohibited in or on vehicles in Western Australia if a child under 17 is present

Smoking restrictions prohibit (ban) smoking in or on a vehicle if:

  • the vehicle is on a road
  • any other person in or on the vehicle is a child.

Terms explained

  • Child – any boy or girl who has not reached 17 years of age.
  • Vehicle – any thing used or capable of being used to transport people or goods on roads.
  • Road – any highway, road or street open to, or used by, the public and includes every carriageway, footway, reservation, median strip and traffic island on it and any parking area in a public place.

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Last reviewed: 16-03-2022
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