Health Star Rating campaign

The Health Star Rating (HSR) system (external site) is a front-of-pack labelling system that rates the overall nutritional profile of packaged and processed foods, providing a simple way to compare foods within the same category.

Local governments are encouraged to incorporate the HSR campaign into their own communication efforts to help people make the healthier choice when selecting between similar packaged foods. The following web page contains information on the HSR system and provides links to campaign resources for stakeholders.

How does the Health Star Rating system work?

The HSR system allows consumers to make the healthier choice when deciding between packaged foods, by assigning between a half and five stars to participating products. The more stars a product receives, the healthier the option. 

It is important to remember that the HSR system can only be used to compare packaged and processed foods in the same category. For example, compare one breakfast cereal with another, or one muesli bar with another. The system is voluntary and is being implemented over five years, starting June 2014.

Example of Health Star Rating label showing the nutritional profile of a packaged product

Using the Health Star Rating system within the context of a balanced diet

What we eat and drink contributes to our health. Maintaining a healthy weight, increasing beneficial nutrients and reducing risk nutrients are all factors that positively impact our health. The HSR system is one way to compare similar packaged food and aims to help consumers make healthier choices, within the context of their whole diet.

To achieve an overall balanced diet, it is important to include a variety of foods from all of the five food groups on a daily basis. These include:

  • vegetables and legumes/beans;
  • fruit;
  • grain (cereal foods);
  • lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds; and
  • milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives.

It is advisable to avoid those foods which are high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. Water is the best option when choosing a drink.

Health Star Rating campaign 

The HSR campaign supports the implementation of the HSR system through activities designed to inform consumers and encourage industry participation. The final phase of campaign advertising will run between February and April, 2019.

How stakeholders can get involved

Stakeholders are encouraged to incorporate messaging related to the HSR campaign into their communication efforts. The HSR Stakeholder Kit (external site) provides information on the campaign and messages that may assist in any planned communication activities. This includes information on the HSR, key messages, resources, frequently asked questions and social media content.

Last reviewed: 12-03-2019