Public campaigns

The Department of Health manages social marketing campaigns across a range of important health issues.

Campaigns can range from large scale public awareness efforts which might be seen on television, radio, outdoor and web advertising, with extensive public relation activities across multiple media channels, to niche campaigns that target very specific audiences.

Aboriginal Cadetship Program
stakeholder toolkit

2024 Aboriginal Cadetship Program: kick-start a health career

Stakeholder toolkit to promote the Aboriginal Cadetship program.

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Stay well this

Parents with their toddler sitting in a vaccination clinic

Keep up-to-date with vaccinations and
healthy hygiene habits

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'Do I need the ED?'
alternatives to emergency campaign

Is the ED where I need to be

This campaign aims to promote alternative health care options for minor injuries or illnesses.

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New national food safety standards
for food businesses
stakeholder toolkit

New national standards for food businesses from 8 December 2023

Stakeholder toolkit to promote the new national food safety standards to food businesses.

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immunisation program
Free vaccinations at school

Is your child in year 7 or 10? Free vaccinations are offered at school to protect them against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Free vaccinations for students in years 7 and 10 to protect them against serious infectious diseases.

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Japanese encephalitis
virus awareness
stakeholder toolkit

Banner tile: Japanese encephalitis virus awareness campaign: Stakeholder toolkit

Raising awareness of the increased risk of JEV, the vaccine, and ways to avoid infection.

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Manage My Care app
communications toolkit

Manage My Care app

The Manage My Care app tracks outpatient appointments and referrals.

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Sexual health

Ask your healthcare worker for a syphilis blood test

Syphilis cases are increasing in WA.
Get tested for syphilis regularly.

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Last reviewed: 13-07-2023