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Baby being fed via a feeding tube

Human Tissue and Transplant Act 1982 legislation amendment

In 2022, the Human Tissue and Transplant Act 1982 (the Act) was amended to provide a comprehensive and clear framework to regulate the sale and supply of human tissue products in WA.
Person holding a mobile phone that is displaying a temperature of 39 degrees

Heatwave hints

As Western Australia prepares for another heatwave, WA Health is urging people to take steps to protect themselves against heat-related harm.
Person in white long sleeved shirt using a macbook laptop.

Consultation - Management of professional misconduct and protections for notifiers

Health ministers agreed to take actions to address concerns that the management of professional misconduct by registered health practitioners relating to sexual misconduct and sexual boundary violations needs to better meet community expectations.
Dr Russell Weisz PSM

Director General announces resignation

The Department of Health's Director General, Dr DJ Russell-Weisz PSM has announced he will step down after almost nine years in the key role and 28 years with WA Health.
Aboriginal graduate sitting in a meeting room in front of a laptop and document

Unleash your full potential with the WA Health Aboriginal Graduate Program

Designed and tailored specifically for Aboriginal graduates, the WA Health Aboriginal Graduate Program offers a two-year graduate employment program.