Training organisations and resources

Training organisations

Rural Health West

Rural Health West offers a range of education programs and activities (external site) for medical practitioners working in rural and remote locations in WA.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) offers a number of education programs and courses (external site).


The DoctorConnect website lists a range of training and education courses (external site) including AMC bridging courses and cultural awareness training.

Australian Medical Council

The Australian Medical Council has a list of bridging course providers (external site)


Communication and cultural training

The Australian College of Emergency Medicine offers an Indigenous Health and Cultural Competency program (external site) consisting of a series of culturally relevant education tools and resources designed for doctors and other healthcare workers to enhance culturally competent communication and overall care for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other culturally and linguistically diverse patients in the emergency department.

Doctors Speak Up (external site) is a multimedia resource developed to address the language and communication needs of IMGs working or seeking work in Australia.

Additional resources

Additional resources for those who have chosen the workplace-based assessment pathway (WA Health staff only) (external site) are also available.

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