Pest industry licensing and registration

The Department of Health licenses and regulates pest management technicians and pest management businesses working in Western Australia (WA). 

Any person who wants to work in the pest management industry in Western Australia must hold a pesticide technician licence. To be eligible for a WA licence a person must have completed training approved by the Department of Health. Technicians that are licenced in other States and Territories may be eligible for mutual recognition but, depending on their circumstances, will need to either apply for a WA licence or notify the Department before commencing work to confirm they are eligible to work in WA under Automatic Mutual Recognition arrangements. 

Once licensed, a technician must work for a WA registered pest management business or may register their own owner-operator pest management business with the Department of Health.   

It is a breach of the Health (Pesticide) Regulations 2011 for any person to work unlicensed or to work for or operate a pest management business that is not registered by the Department of Health. The Department of Health can and does carry out legal prosecutions against individuals, employers or businesses who have breached the regulations or caused a health related injury to another person.

Information guides

It is recommended you read the following guidance prior to completing your application to become a pest management technician or registering a pest management business:

Application forms and fees

  • annual fees for pest management technicians and pest management businesses.
  • go to the forms web page to:
    • apply for a licence or replace a lost licence.
    • reactivate or upgrade a licence.
    • change information on a licence or business registration.
    • cancel or transfer a business registration.
    • update a photo ID.
    • obtain a medical certificate.


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Contact information

Ask for pesticide licensing when contacting the Department of Health

Phone:(08) 9222 2000


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