Forms and fees for pesticide licensing and business registration

For pest management technicians

Download and complete the required application forms using the links provided. The Medical examination form, where included, will need to be completed by a general practitioner or occupational physician.

Provisional licence

The Provisional pest management technicians licence – PS2 (PDF 250KB) application is required if you are training to qualify in 'commercial and domestic pests management'.

Full licence

The Pest management technicians licence – PS1 (PDF 264KB) forms are required to apply for a new licence in all areas of pest management except 'commercial and domestic pest management' or to reactivate an expired license.

Amend existing licence or update contact details

The Change to licence – PS3 (PDF 132KB) form is required to:

  • advise us of a change of name, residential address, business address, postal address, employer details and endorsements, authorisations or conditions 
  • extend a provisional licence  
  • request an upgrade to a full licence 
  • request a replacement licence ID card.

Regular 5 year update (required)

The Photographic identification – PS8 (PDF 33KB) and Medical examination form (PDF 185KB) need to be submitted every 5 years to update your license photo ID and be confirmed to be medically fit by a doctor.

For pest management businesses

The guide to registering a business (PDF 167KB) contains useful information for the first time owner.  The Pest management business registration inspection checklist is available for download to complete a self assessment of your facilities and vehicles.

New business or reactivation of an expired registration

The Register or reactivate a business registration – PS4 (PDF 49KB) form can be used to register a business for the first time or to reactivate an expired registration.

If you are buying an existing business see below.

Cancel or transfer to new owner

Use the Cancel a business registration – PS5 (PDF 35KB) form to cancel a registration for a business that has ceased pest management operations.

Use the Transfer a business registration – PS6 (PDF 48KB) form to transfer the registration to a new person when you sell, buy or bequeath the business.

Amend business registration or update contact details

The Amend or replace a business registration – PS7 (PDF 55KB) form can be used to advise us of a change of name, business address, postal address and main pest management activity.


Licence Fee
Pest management technician licence
Provisional pest management technician licence
Renewal of pest management technician licence
Up-grade a provisional licence to expiry date
Update licence conditions
Update licence endorsements $30
Update restricted-use chemicals
Extend a provisional licence
Replace a lost card
Business registration Fee
Register a Pest Management Business
Amend business registration location
Amend main business activities
Amend fumigation business
Re-issue a Certificate – no change to details
Last reviewed: 16-02-2024
Produced by

Environmental Health Directorate