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In general, people who are still feeling ill from gastroenteritis should not go to work, school, or activities involving groups of people until symptoms have stopped for 24 hours and have normal stools. However, people who are at high risk of spreading their infection or work in a high risk setting (i.e. workers in health care, residential care and child care, food handlers, young children in child care, and cases who are faecally incontinent) should not go to work or childcare until symptoms have stopped for 48 hours and have normal stools.

Practice enteric precautions for hospitalised or institutionalised patients.

Additional precautions and clearance specimens are required for cases and/or contacts of cholera, S. dysenteriae, hepatitis A, paratyphoid, STEC/VTEC and typhoid, refer to Exclusion of people with enteric diseases and their contacts (PDF 1.2MB).

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Last reviewed: 18-10-2023
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