Award categories

The WA Health Excellence Awards feature 9 category awards, the Minister for Health's Award and the newly introduced 7NEWS Health Heroes that celebrates our frontline workers as nominated by the public.

Minister for Health's Award

The WA Government is committed to ensuring that Western Australians receive safe, high quality and accessible health services no matter where they live.

The Minister for Health's Award will be presented to an individual who during their career has demonstrated exceptional commitment to helping achieve this aim.

7News Health Heroes

7 News logo

The 7News Health Heroes celebrates our frontline workers as nominated by the public.

This is your opportunity to thank a person who works within the WA public health system.

We welcome nominations from all Western Australians. 

Category 1 – Excellence in Preventive Health 

Edith Cowan University

This award recognises projects that promote good health through raising awareness of healthy behaviours, preventing ill health, and improving the overall health and wellbeing of the community. For example:

  • providing education and resources that help consumers understand chronic diseases and support healthier habits and lifestyles
  • preventing injury and illness in the community.

Category 2 – Excellence in Mental Health

Bethesda Health Care

This award recognises projects that promote positive mental health and support people who experience mental health, alcohol and other drug issues to stay in the community, out of hospital and live a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life. For example:

  • preventing or reducing mental health issues, suicide and suicide attempts
  • preventing or reducing adverse impacts of alcohol and other drugs
  • providing consumers and their families in Western Australia access to personalised, modern and high quality services that are close to home.

Category 3 – Excellence in Person-Centred Care

Curtin University logoThis award recognises projects that involve and engage with the community to inform the planning and provision of relevant, accessible health care services and/or education. For example:

  • recognising that patients are partners in their health care
  • promoting collaboration between the patient and the health care team to improve health
  • empwering patients to take control of their health and be supported in managing their own health condition.

Category 4 – Excellence in Safety and Quality

Altera Digital Health

This award recognises projects that lead and deliver quality improvement to ensure safer patient care. For example:

  • improving care, managing resources and delivering quality services
  • driving safety, quality and transparency
  • managing clinical risk and improving clinical quality effectively.

Category 5 – Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing and Culture


This award recognises projects that deliver support to our people, build culture and respect, and ensure a healthy environment for our employees and patients. For example:

  • encouraging a passionate and engaged workforce
  • building a culture that invests in and values people, unleashes staff talent and empowers people to innovate
  • providing a culture with values that support patient safety and outcomes, and support a high performing health system. 

Category 6 – Excellence in Research and Innovation

The University of Western Australia

This award recognises projects that demonstrate innovation in all forms – whether it’s a new way of thinking, a technological solution, clinical research, research project or translation of research into practice. For example:

  • challenging current practices to enhance the efficiency, quality and outcomes of a process
  • implementing an innovative solution that delivers better care
  • leading research that unlocks new pathways or improvements in health care and health outcomes.

Category 7 – Excellence in Sustainability

Curtin University logoThis award recognises projects that deliver high-value healthcare. For example:

  • delivering outcomes focused, value-oriented health care
  • ensuring the best possible outcomes to patients for the lowest possible cost
  • providing high-value health care through reduction of waste, inefficiency and/or unnecessary procedures
  • addressing health services economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Category 8 – Excellence in Aboriginal Health

St John of God Health Care

This award recognises projects that provide equitable and respectful health services to Aboriginal people. For example:

  • strengthening and integrating efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people
  • engaging with Aboriginal consumers, carers and community members to better understand how to deliver culturally appropriate health services and/or education
  • creating strategic partnerships to enable better health outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Category 9 – Excellence in Rural and Remote Health Care

Australasian College of Health Service Management

This award recognises projects that provide equitable and accessible healthcare services to regional or remote populations. For example:

  • delivering programs to provide greater access to quality and safe healthcare services in regional and remote WA
  • developing solutions to overcome inequities or other constraints.
Last reviewed: 27-06-2023