Enduring Strategy 6 – Invest in digital healthcare and use data wisely

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  • The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) planning has commenced. The EMR will improve safety, efficiency, and patient experience across the WA public health system. It will enable clinicians to view information such as patient notes, assessments, medical histories, and diagnostic test results all in one place.
  • The Laboratory Information System (LIS), which delivers benefits for all WA public hospitals and facilities that are served by PathWest, is now live.
    • LIS integrates all areas of diagnostic testing, providing more accurate specimen tracking and quicker turnarounds of diagnostic results. The
    • LIS promotes a seamless pathology data connection across the State which will deliver improved health care outcomes for patients.
  • Medical Imaging Replacement Program will provide WA public hospitals with a centralised platform for radiology reports and images for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and nuclear medicine. The new system will enable access and sharing of time-critical diagnostic imaging and information in various digital formats regardless of their location, supporting safer, and timely patient care.
  • More than 1,000 clinical and corporate applications have been migrated to the new cloud environment. This work, led by Health Support Services is part of HealthNext and supports the WA Health Digital Strategy transformation. HealthNext will enable more agile, cost-effective and needs driven digital health care services across WA while supporting the WA Government’s ICT infrastructure modernisation and ‘future proofing’ goals.
Last reviewed: 23-06-2022