Overview of the WA health system

The Western Australian Government provides public health services through:

  • public hospitals
  • mental health services
  • dental health services
  • population health services
  • community health centres
  • health promotion services.

Known as WA Health, the public health system aims to ensure that the people of WA receive the best possible health care and consists of:

  • The Department of Health
  • Five Health Service Providers - six from July 2018
  • Health Support Services

The Department of Health is led by the Director General and provides leadership and management of the whole health system.

The Health Service Providers are governed by Health Service Boards with each Health Service Provider responsible for their local areas and communities. 

Metropolitan health service providers

WA Country Health Service

The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) (external site) consists of seven health regions operating under a network of health facilities across country WA including:

  • regional hospitals
  • integrated district hospitals
  • nursing posts
  • community health centres.

Through these facilities and service delivery programs, WACHS provides a full range of health services to adults and children.

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