Allied health and health science professionals

The following instructions apply to allied health and health science professionals looking to work in Western Australia.

  1. Have your skills recognised.
  2. Register with a registration board relevant to your profession. Registration boards are statutory authorities responsible for the registration of particular professions. 
    Professions that require registration
    Professions that do not require registration
  3. It may benefit you to join a professional body relevant to your profession.
  4. If you are interested in working in the private sector, you may want to look into purchasing professional indemnity insurance from a reputable insurance provider.
  5. Obtain a working visa – The Department of Immigration (external site) can assist you with your application for a working visa permit to work in Australia.
  6. Find employment – allied health and health science job vacancies in the public health system are advertised on our careers page.
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Chief Allied Health Office