Hints and tips for applying to the Graduate Development Program

Written applications

Use the application form provided. Read it carefully and complete as directed and ensure your responses address each question.

1. Do your research. Learn as much as you can about WA Health and work this knowledge into your response. Get familiar with our Vision, Mission, Values and Key Priorities.

2. Unpack each application question – e.g. Highly developed organisational skills including the ability to prioritise and meet deadlines.

    • What are organisational skills? What kind of tools or techniques can you use? List them out in your response.
    • Ability to prioritise Do you make to do lists? Do you utilise prioritisation principals?
    • Ability to meet deadlines - How did you use your organisational and prioritisation skills to meet a deadline? Use this example to tie everything in.

3. Addressing the application question is essential when applying for any job in the public sector. The STAR approach may help you to demonstrate how you meet the application question and provide structure for your responses.

10% of your response
Describe a specific event or situation that you were in. The who, what, where, when etc.
20% of your response
Explain the task you had to complete, highlighting specific challenges or constrains (deadlines, issues, costs etc.)
50% of your response
Describe the specific actions that you took to complete the task. These should highlight desirable traits that the panel members are looking for.
20% of your response
Close with the results of your efforts. Include figures to quantify the result if possible.

4. Proofread your application thoroughly, checking for grammar, syntax, spelling or typographical errors. It may be useful to ask a family member or friend to read your application and provide you with feedback. Remember, this is an opportunity to make a great first impression.

5. We will only consider your application if you have attached your application form and your academic transcript to your job submission.

Group assessment

If you are shortlisted for Group Assessment you will need to attend an in-person session, in order to be considered for the final panel interview.

The Group Assessment will involve applicants completing several activities relevant to the role criteria.

Interview tips
  • Make sure you are aware of the selection criteria that are being used for selecting applicants. Re-read the questions you were required to answer in the application.
  • Select examples of previous experiences and activities (for example, university projects and previous work samples) that will demonstrate your level of competence and support your claims against each selection criterion.
  • You can draw these examples from all aspects of life, work, university or community involvement. Make notes and bring them with you to jog your memory in the time allocated for pre-interview preparation.
  • Do some basic reconnaissance, familiarise yourself with the interview location and such things as parking, public transport and security requirements. Ensure you have the right interview time and plan on getting there early.
  • Practice. Engage in mock interviews with friends, colleagues, career advisers or anyone else who is prepared to help. Get them to ask questions related to the selection criteria.
  • Relax – the interview is not a test.
  • If you are unsure if you have answered the question, check with the panel. Ask if they would like more detail or another example.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the end of the interview. This can be another opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm, suitability and interest in the position and organisation.
  • Bring certified copies of Australian Residency documentation or supportive documentation to demonstrate Australian Citizenship to the Interview.
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