WA Health infection prevention and control policies and guidelines

Mandatory policies

All infection prevention and control mandatory policies are located within the Public and Aboriginal Health Policy Framework


Please note all Operational Directives (OD) have now been rescinded and are in the process of being made into Communicable Disease Control Guidelines. These guidelines will have relevancy to all healthcare facilities in WA and can be used to provide consistent and evidence informed advice. View additional IPC resources for the management of healthcare-associated infections, the HISWA surveillance program and patient information.

  • WA Department of Health communicable disease guidelines
    • Microbiological Air Sampling of Operating Rooms in WA Healthcare Facilities
    • MRSA Screening and Management of Healthcare Workers
    • Reprocessing of Infant Feeding Equipment in Western Australia Healthcare Facilities
    • Management of Occupational Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids in Healthcare Settings
    • Respiratory Protection Guidelines for Western Australian Healthcare Facilities
    • Insertion and Management of Peripheral Intravenous Cannulae in Healthcare Facilities
    • Screening and Management of Multi-resistant Organisms in Healthcare Facilities
    • Guidelines for using the microalert system in Western Australian Public Healthcare Facilities

Supporting documents

Last reviewed: 03-01-2024