Voluntary Assisted Dying Statewide Pharmacy Service

Voluntary assisted dying is the legal process that enables a patient to access medication that will cause their death. This medication is called the voluntary assisted dying substance.

The Statewide Pharmacy Service (SWPS) (PDF 2MB) | Audio (MP3 2MB) has been established to make sure that the voluntary assisted dying substance is provided in a safe, equitable and patient-centred manner.

The service is staffed by qualified pharmacists who are experienced health professionals. The pharmacists at SWPS can:

  • liaise with medical practitioners (doctors) and nurse practitioners who are supporting someone through the voluntary assisted dying process
  • supply the voluntary assisted dying substance
  • provide information, education and support to a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, or person accessing voluntary assisted dying
  • liaise with Authorised Disposers regarding disposal of any unused or remaining voluntary assisted dying substance.

SWPS is located at a tertiary hospital and is managed by the North Metropolitan Health Service. While SWPS is based in the Perth metropolitan area, the service is a statewide service. This means that it is available to all Western Australians who are in the process of accessing voluntary assisted dying, no matter where they live.

If required, SWPS will be able to visit a patient or Administering Practitioner anywhere in WA to provide the voluntary assisted dying substance and required education about the substance.


More information

SWPS can be contacted by email and phone during standard work hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm).

Email: StatewidePharmacy@health.wa.gov.au
Phone: (08) 6383 3088

Last reviewed: 08-06-2023
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