Vaccine ordering

Registered Western Australian immunisation providers order government-funded vaccines for eligible cohorts in accordance with the WA Immunisation Schedule through their organisations’ Onelink Australia (external site) account.

To receive government-funded vaccines, immunisation providers comply with specific mandatory requirements to ensure that:

Customer service

To apply for a new Western Australia government-funded vaccine ordering account complete the application form (external site) or visit Onelink Australia (external site).

Contact Onelink Customer Service team for vaccine orders, deliveries, system support or account queries:

Monday – Friday: 6:30 am to 4:00 pm (AWST)
Phone: 1800 014 207

Onelink online contact form (external site).

Contact your public health unit for clinical guidance or for other queries.

Order vaccines

To order routine scheduled vaccines, complete a vaccine stock count and plan vaccine stock for one fortnight of use (plus a small buffer if required)

  1. Log in to your Onelink (external site) account to place your order.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter delivery instructions if required. Orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.
  4. Onelink customer service will review your order, and once it has been approved, a confirmation email is sent to your account email. Another email is sent once your order is dispatched. Note, if your poisons permit or registration details are not current, your order will be delayed.
  5. Allow up to 3 business days for processing and delivery. Orders are not delivered to regional areas on Mondays or Fridays. Some deliveries may take extra time during public holidays.

Receive and store vaccines

When orders arrive, it is important that trained staff immediately check the cold chain during transport, and that vaccines are handled and stored appropriately. Follow these steps:

  • Sign the delivery docket and return it to the courier.
  • Immediately STOP the Sensitech TagAlert® cold chain monitor. To do this, the start/stop button must be pressed for up to 5 seconds to stop the recording. A stop sign (octagon) icon will appear once the TagAlert® is stopped.
  • Follow the instructions on the ‘Receiving vaccines: Reading a TagAlert® Monitor’ form that is attached to the monitor.
Arrow pointing towards the tick is displayed When the arrow points towards the green tick, there is no alarm, and the vaccines are safe to be promptly transferred to the vaccine fridge.
Arrow pointing towards the cross with numbers displayed above

When the arrow points towards the red cross, AND number(s) are displayed on the screen, one or more alarms have been triggered. Isolate and transfer the affected vaccines to the fridge.

Complete and follow instructions on the form that is attached to the monitor.

Return the form to Onelink Customer Service.

Wait for advice from CDCD Vaccine Orders who will liaise with Onelink.

  • Check that the consignment order matches the delivery invoice, and if there is an unexplained discrepancy, email Onelink as soon as possible.
  • Minimise the time that the vaccine fridge door is open.
  • Do not overstock the vaccine fridge; aim to maintain air circulation around vaccines.
  • Rotate vaccines to exhaust stock with the least amount of shelf life first.
  • Vaccines should always be stored in their cartons to protect them from light and temperature changes.

Cold chain management and reporting protocol

When government-funded vaccines are involved in an incident where the cold chain is compromised, or when vaccine wastage may be evident, the incident must be immediately reported to the WA Department of Health.

Providers use the vaccine incident report form (external site) to report all cold chain breaches and other wastage due to vaccine expiry, user error or other vaccine wastage reasons. When a cold chain breach incident occurs, providers need to follow the cold chain management protocol.

It is important that incidents are reported in a timely manner to ensure WA Health and providers administer safe and effective vaccines, through best practice cold chain management protocols, and reduce wastage through vaccine expiry or user error.

Vaccines authorised by Public Health Units

For rabies prophylaxis or to order urgent vaccines for other notifiable diseases, providers should notify their Public Health Unit (external site). Approval of treatment is required by a WA public health physician (PHP), infectious disease consultant, or regional immunisation coordinator (RIC).

To order for urgent case contacts and/or outbreak management

Public Health Unit use only:

To approve urgent dispatch of vaccines from Onelink use the urgent case contacts vaccine order approval form (PDF 895KB).

To order for rabies vaccine/immunoglobulin

Public Health Unit use only:

Refer to the relevant section on the Rabies and other Lyssavirus (including Australian Bat Lyssavirus) webpage.

Follow the WA Health protocol for accessing immunoglobulin blood products (HRIg, NHIg and ZIg) (PDF 512KB). Ensure an exposure form is completed by the authorised approver. Once assessed, complete and approve the rabies order form for urgent or next day dispatch from Onelink.

Last reviewed: 02-08-2023