Sexual health and blood-borne viruses – consumer resources

When discussing sexual health, reproductive health, STIs and/or BBVs with clients/patients, this is a good opportunity to reinforce preventative measures such as using condoms and water-based lubricant consistently, or ensuring the use of clean needles and syringes to prevent transmission of STIs and BBVs. It is also important to assess the contraceptive needs of the client, including emergency contraception where necessary.

A range of resources are available below to download for clients/patients:

Get the Facts

Get the Facts (external site) is a culturally inclusive website that gives young people in WA advice and accurate information on relationships and safer sex.

Promotional leaflets (PDF 1.68MB) and wallet cards (PDF 52KB) are available to print or email an order to help raise awareness of this site.


Could I have it (external site) is a campaign website designed for young people aged 15 to 35 and provides information about STIs and BBVs, online gonorrhoea and chlamydia testing forms and ‘Find a clinic’ function.

Promotional wallet cards (PDF 750KB) are available to print or email an order to help raise awareness of this site.

Be Safe. Stay Well

Be Safe. Stay Well (external site) is a suite of four videos developed to help international students have a better understanding about sexual health and health care system in WA.

Aboriginal resources

The following leaflets provide information for Aboriginal people about a range of issues and conditions:

Let's yarn

Let’s Yarn is an online resource for educators, parents and health professionals to yarn with young Aboriginal people about sex and relationships.

Promotional flyers (PDF 3MB) are available to print or email an order to help raise awareness of this site.

Yarning Quiet Ways

Yarning Quiet Ways (external site) is a resource for parents and carers in teaching kids to have strong safe and healthy relationships. Copies of the resource can be ordered by emailing:

The Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program have developed an Implementation Package (PDF 733KB) to provide guidance for those using the Yarning Quiet Ways resource.

Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission (external site) offers a range of culturally secure resources for Aboriginal people. These resources cover topics including:

  • ‘Injecting drug use – Never share’
  • ‘Understanding hepatitis C – what our people need to know’
  • ‘Taking care – a guide to managing hepatitis C’.

Let them know

Let them know (external site) >helps people who have been diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mycoplasma genitalium, syphilis and trichomonas to tell their sexual partners that they might also be at risk.


Last reviewed: 17-02-2020