Pterygium – Adult

Emergency and immediate referrals

Referral to Emergency Department:

  • Nil

Immediate Referral (seen within 7 days):

  • Nil
Presenting symptoms
  • Symptomatic and/or rapidly growing pterygium (if extension onto cornea of ≥ 3mm roughly half way across from limbus to apex of pterygium, and visual axis is threatened) 
Mandatory referral information (referral will be returned if this information is not included)
  • Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) - vision with most recent distance spectacles
  • Details and duration of treatments 
Highly desirable referral information
  • Most recent optometrist or ophthalmologist reports/results if available and where providing it will not delay care:
    • Size of pterygium from limbus to apex 
Indicative triage category
Indicative triage category
Cat 1
Appointment within 30 days
  • Suspected ocular surface squamous neoplasia 
Cat 2
Appointment within 90 days
  • Suspected dysplasia 
Cat 3
Appointment within 365 days
  • Symptomatic pterygium
Excluded ophthalmology services

Referral to public ophthalmology outpatient services is not routinely accepted for the following conditions:

Condition Details (where applicable)
Asymptomatic pterygium
Patient does not want surgery  
Removal for cosmetic reasons  
Useful Information for referring practitioners

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