Radiological Council of Western Australia

In Western Australia, the responsibility for the regulation of the use of radiation lies with the Radiological Council (external site).

The Council is an independent statutory authority appointed under the Radiation Safety Act 1975 (external site).

Radiation safety legislation

The Act regulates keeping and use of:

  • radioactive substances
  • irradiating apparatus such as x-ray equipment
  • specified electronic products such as lasers, sun-tanning units and UV transilluminators.

The Act and the associated Radiation Safety (General) Regulations 1983 (external site) require compliance with standards and various codes of practice drawn up by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency (external site).

Radiological Council

The Council regulates the use of radiation primarily by the:

  • registration of equipment, substances and products and the premises where they are manufactured, operated, used or stored
  • licensing of individual to possess, use, operate, manufacture or otherwise deal with radiation source.

Find out more about the Council’s role in approving projects within the oil and gas, or other mining industries.

The Council also has a role in :

  • testing apparatus for compliance with the Regulations
  • setting standards for monitoring persons exposure to ionising radiation
  • recognising and listing training courses for licence holders.

Radiation Health Branch

The Radiation Health Branch provides the secretariat for the Radiological Council. It comes under the direction of the Managing Health Physicist. 

More information

Both the Radiological Council and the Radiation Health Branch can be contacted as follows:
Phone: 9222 0888

Visit Radiological Council (external site) for further information.

Last reviewed: 24-10-2023
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