Private Practice Midwifery

A Private Practice Midwife (PPM) practicing in Western Australia (WA) has responsibilities for notification and provision of information in addition to the responsibilities of midwives employed by health services.

Intent of midwife to practice privately

Form 1 (PDF 127KB) of the Health (Notifications by Midwives) Regulations 1994 (external site) must be used to notify the Chief Health Officer of the intention of a midwife to practice privately.

Please email your Form 1 to

Should you require any additional information or assistance please call the CNMO on (08) 6373 2295

There is no statutory requirement for a PPM to notify of changes to the original notification, nor to notify of intent to discontinue private practice. However, this information ensures our records remain up to date. Please send an email to advising us you have ceased private practice.

Notification of birth event by PPM

All midwives, including a PPM, must notify of births they attend.

Use this E-form to notify the Chief Health Officer of a birth attended.

Or the paper version of Form 2 (PDF 314KB) may be used.

All notifications of births attended are compiled to the Midwives Notification System (MNS).

Other information for the PPM

The Maternal and Child Health team (MCH) has developed a resource called the Supply of Documents to PPMs (PDF 261KB) outlining sources of many of the forms and documents required by a PPM to conduct their practice. Some of these documents are supplied to PPMs by the MCH.

To receive information disseminated by MCH that may be relevant to the responsibilities of a PPM, the PPM must maintain their contact details with the MCH.

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