E-form midwives notification

When to use

Where data processes managed by health services are not available, use this E-Form (external site) to notify within 48 hours of the birth.

How to use

  1. Complete the form once for each woman who gave birth.
  3. For help, hover the cursor over the field and information text will be displayed.
  5. To manage interruptions to data entry:
    1. Select the "Save & Return Later" button
    2. Note the unique code displayed
    3. Enter your email address in the box displayed
    4. Select "Send Survey Link"
    5. When ready to recommence data entry, open email with Survey Link included
    6. Select the Survey Link
    7. Enter the unique code for the survey
    8. Recommence data entry at the point you were at when you selected "Save & Return Later".
  7. For multiple births (e.g. twins):
    1. Complete the whole form for the first baby
    2. Select "Next birth event"
    3. Select "Yes" in response to the question Have you previously submitted a form for the same mother is this birth the twin (or triplet, etc)?
    4. Enter midwife's name and mother's identifying information at beginning of second form
    5. Then complete the reduced form with the details for the birth of the second baby.
Last reviewed: 20-09-2022
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