Real time prescription monitoring

ScriptCheckWA (external site) is Western Australia’s real time prescription monitoring system and builds on the state’s comprehensive prescription monitoring program, which has been in place for over 20 years.

The launch of ScriptCheckWA at the end of March 2023 means prescribers and pharmacists have access to a clinical tool with up to date information about which monitored medicines have been prescribed and dispensed for their patient. The information in ScriptCheckWA will help prescribers and pharmacists make safer decisions about the prescribing and dispensing of these higher risk medicines. The Department of Health also monitors data within ScriptCheckWA and takes action in relation to any concerning patterns of prescribing and dispensing.

The medicines monitored via ScriptCheckWA (external site) are considered to be high-risk medicines due to their potential to result in drug dependence and other harms, including in overdose. While these medicines are widely prescribed and will help many patients, they may also be misused and diverted for non-medical use.

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About ScriptCheckWA

Information about ScriptCheckWA, Western Australia’s real time prescription monitoring system.

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Information for consumers

Information for patients, their families and other consumers about ScriptCheckWA.

Working with ScriptCheckWA

Information about getting started with ScriptCheckWA, including understanding notifications.

Regulating ScriptCheckWA

Learn more about how ScriptCheckWA is regulated.

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