Low risk recycled water schemes audit tool

To support industry and Environmental Health Officers (EHOs), the Water Unit in cooperation with the Water Corporation have developed an Internal Audit Check List (Word 100KB) and the corresponding Audit Score Guide (Word 559KB) for low risk recycled water schemes.

The Audit List provides a systematic assessment of the reuse scheme through 48 questions. This helps to develop a summary of the audit results and recommendations for the scheme. The final audit score is divided into administration and operational sections. Both sections must pass the audit individually to consider the audit successful.

The Score Guide is based on a risk matrix framework with scoring for each question determined by a combination of possible consequences to public health and compliance with Department of Health regulatory requirements. The Guide has been developed to help auditors allocate points for each response and also to provide guidance on the Department of Health Response to the obtained total score.

The Water Unit is keen to support local governments with the implementation of their first audit with two objectives:

  • to set background scores for the existing recycled water schemes and,
  • to train EHOs in the use of the audit tool.

For more details, or to book a time to implement the audit tool please contact the Water Unit on 9222 2000.

Last reviewed: 03-08-2021
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Environmental Health Directorate