Licensing assessment process for private healthcare facilities

What does a licence include?

An application for a licence is based on the suitability of the:

  • licence applicant
  • premises for the purpose
  • arrangements for management, staffing and equipment.

You will need to complete an application form with a declaration to verify your application.

The Director General of Health must be satisfied you are able to meet all of the above requirements before you can be granted a private hospital licence.

Statement of Function

The Statement of Function must be provided with your application and should include information on activities and roles of the facility.

You will need to include information on the level of function, for example:

  • the type of hospital or facility
  • its geographical location
  • the type/s of services/procedures that will be carried out, their complexity and the support services, staff profile and safety standards that will be in place to ensure safe practice
  • the number of patients/residents that will be accommodated.

Suitability of the licence applicant

The application must provide information about the person/body corporate/firm that is making the application, in accordance with the Licensing Standards for Assessing the Suitability of a Licence Applicant for a Licence of a Private Hospital.

Suitability of the premises

The licence applicant must allow Department of Health consultants to assess the suitability of the premises against set standards, including the appropriate building guidelines (refer to type of facility).

Suitability of the arrangements for management, staffing and equipment

The licence applicant must provide information in accordance with the Licensing Standards for the Arrangements for Management, Staffing and Equipment for the appropriate facility (refer to type of facility).

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