About licensing of private healthcare facilities

The Licensing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit (LARU) is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of private hospitals in Western Australia.

This is carried out under the authority of the Private Hospitals and Health Services Act 1927 (external site) and the provisions of the Hospitals (Licensing and Conduct of Private Hospitals) Regulations 1987 (external site) and the Hospitals (Licensing and Conduct of Private Psychiatric Hostels) Regulations 1997 (external site).

Accreditation of public and private healthcare facilities

The Department of Health Licensing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit (LARU) is the state regulator responsible for regulating accreditation of all public and private hospitals, private day hospitals (Class A) and public dental services as per the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation (AHSSQA) Scheme in Western Australia.

The National Health Reform Act 2011 establishes the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) which is responsible for formulating National Safety and Quality Standards relating to health care safety and quality matters. This includes formulating and coordinating the AHSSQA Scheme, which provides for the national coordination of accreditation processes.

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Dental review – Regulation of deep IV sedation

The Licensing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit (LARU) at the Department of Health is the delegated authority to regulate the Act.

LARU wish to thank all stakeholders that completed the survey as the information was valuable to identify many key areas and ensure a drafting process with further consultation of standards are appropriate

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