Free influenza vaccine program – information for pharmacists

While participation in the free influenza program is optional, community pharmacies who would like to participate in the program during May and June 2024 must register to participate to ensure they can claim reimbursement payments from the Department of Health.

Community pharmacies registered to participate in the program can claim $18.85 per state-funded influenza vaccine administered to eligible people.


Invitations to register for the community pharmacy reimbursement program will be sent to community pharmacies with a Onelink account in April. Registration to participate in the program will close 5.00 pm 3 May 2024.

Pharmacies without a Onelink account may apply for an account using the Onelink account application form (external site).

The Department of Health will coordinate reimbursement payments to participating community pharmacies.

More information is available on the Vaccine ordering webpage.

Claiming reimbursement

From 1 May to 30 June 2024, participating community pharmacies can claim $18.85 per state-funded influenza vaccine administered to:

  • eligible people under the Free Influenza Vaccine Program 2024 (i.e., people aged 12 – 64 years not otherwise eligible for NIP influenza vaccines)
  • eligible children under the primary school influenza immunisation program (i.e., children aged 5 to 11 years not otherwise eligible for NIP influenza vaccines).

To access reimbursement payments, participating community pharmacies will need to:

  • register for the Program before 5.00 pm Friday 3 May 2024. Providers with an existing Onelink account will be emailed a registration link. Pharmacies without a Onelink account will need to email to request a registration link so registration can be completed before the deadline. Registration will enrol the pharmacy for both May and June reimbursements
  • have a valid Onelink account to order vaccines
  • report via the REDCap form, and upload a reimbursement invoice for, the number of influenza vaccines administered to eligible people in each month:
    • before 5.00pm Tuesday 11 June 2024 for May
    • before 5.00pm Tuesday 9 July 2024 for June.

Reimbursement claims will be confirmed against Onelink vaccine order records. Claims for more than the number of vaccines ordered will delay processing and may not result in payment.

Note: Records of influenza vaccines administered during the month of May and June using state-funded stock must be maintained by the provider in the event of a WA Department of Health audit. Records must include age of recipient, brand of vaccine, date of vaccine administration, and Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) provider number.

Any reimbursement claims are subject to review, and the WA Department of Health reserves the right to audit and reject any claims for reimbursement. The WA Department of Health may audit any participating pharmacy to reconcile amounts paid with the individual pharmacy administration records or any other means they deem appropriate and lawful.

Reimbursement exclusions

Community pharmacies cannot:

  • charge fees or additional co-payments for any vaccination administered under this Program.
  • submit a claim for reimbursement from the Department if already claiming reimbursement for influenza vaccination via another program, such as private health fund vouchers or corporate flu vaccination services.
  • claim reimbursement of the administration fee for people eligible for NIP funded influenza vaccines. These reimbursements must be managed through the National Immunisation Program Vaccinations in Pharmacy (NIPVIP) Program (external site).
Frequently asked questions

Can I charge the patient for the influenza vaccination service?

Pharmacies are NOT permitted to charge the patient any fees under this Program. If you claim or receive a payment for an influenza service through other means (e.g. private health fund vouchers, corporate-flu vaccination) you can NOT also claim remuneration under this Program.

Do all pharmacies have to participate in the program?

Participation in the program is optional. PBS and non-PBS pharmacies can participate. Pharmacies wishing to participate and receive reimbursement for vaccine administration must register for the reimbursement program.

Can the influenza vaccines be administered outside of the pharmacy premises under the Program?

As per the SASA – Pharmacists – administration of vaccines by pharmacists, state-funded influenza vaccines can be administered at any place or premises in Western Australia that complies with Appendix 2 of the SASA.

Are patients aged 65 years and over eligible to receive free influenza vaccine under this Program?

No. Patients aged 65 years and over are eligible for a Fluad quad vaccine under the NIP and reimbursement for administration costs can be claimed through the National Immunisation Program Vaccinations in Pharmacy (external site) program. The NIPVIP program is separate from the Free Influenza Vaccine Program May and June 2024.

How do I generate an AIR uploads report?

You can generate AIR reports from your Professional Services Recording Platform (e.g., MedAdvisor, Go-Bookings) or directly from the Australian Immunisation Register portal.

I have accidentally reported my reimbursement claim incorrectly, can this be adjusted?

Please email the correct details to and we will make the adjustment on your form.

Will the program be audited?

The WA Government retains the right to audit participating pharmacies and order them to repay or take other action if they determine it is appropriate.

My service provides immunisation services but is not a community pharmacy. Can I seek reimbursement for administering influenza vaccines in May and June?

No. The reimbursement program is only available to community pharmacies registered for the Program.

Can my service claim reimbursement for privately-purchased influenza vaccines administered in May and June?

No. The reimbursement program does not reimburse for privately-purchased influenza vaccines. Participating providers can order state-funded influenza vaccines through Onelink.

Participating pharmacies are advised to ensure appropriate state-funded stock is available for vaccination bookings.

What happens if my order hasn’t arrived? Can I use privately-purchased influenza vaccine stock?

Privately-purchased influenza vaccine stock cannot be used in place of state-funded influenza vaccine stock and cannot be claimed under the Free Influenza Vaccine Program, May and June 2024 pharmacy reimbursement scheme.

Last reviewed: 19-04-2024
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