How to access WARDA data

If you are interested in carrying out research using the WARDA data, please complete the following steps:

  • Email the Head of WARDA to discuss your proposal.
  • Approval

If your proposal is approved by WARDA, and you only require non-identifying, tabulated or statistical information, the information will be extracted and provided to you.

If your proposal is approved by WARDA but requires ethics approval(s) follow the steps outlined on the Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee, and other Human Research Ethics Committees as necessary.

Forward copies of the ethics approval notifications to WARDA (Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee will automatically do this).

  • Once received, WARDA will extract the information and provide it to you.
  • Final reports or papers for publication are to be vetted by the Head of WARDA before publication.

Please note: WARDA codes all diagnoses with the British Paediatric Association Classification of Diseases (five digit extension of ICD9).

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